There are pictures showing such a gruesome reality that viewers would like nothing more than to look away. Pictures like those of Iranian photographer Younes Khani. He documented what it means to have a husband like Amir. Amir locked up his wife Somayeh at will and repeatedly beat her. In the end, when his wife saw no other solution than to get separated, he poured acid on her and on their four-year-old daughter Rama.

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Somayeh has been blind ever since and Rama lost one eye. Both suffered severe acid burns to their face and body. In sheer despair, Somayeh’s father sold his farm and land to be able to afford medical treatment for his daughter and granddaughter.

Once a month, they both travel all the way to Tehran to be treated at the hospital. The most moving part of their story for photographer Younes Khani is the mother’s wish that her daughter Rama will one day be able to go to school despite her lost eye and severe injuries,.

Curriculum Vitae: Younes Khani (Mehr News Agency)

UNICEF-Photo of the Year Younes Khani

Younes Khani was born in Tehran, Iran in 1987. Since 2004, he started photographing for various agencies and newspapers in Iran and in 2006 he was employed by the semi-official Mehr News Agency.

He has been active in the coverage of social events in Iran, especially the situation of women and children and human rights in the country. Khani’s works have been published in some international news agencies including AP,guardian, washington times, AFP, and EPA and time. He has also been awarded in a number of photo contests in Iran. 


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