The abbreviation “UNICEF-HSG Frankfurt am Main” stands for the UNICEF Campus Group of the Goethe University Frankfurt.

We strongly believe that every child in the world has the right to have a childhood. Therefore, we do volunteer work and fight for the realization and the protection of children’s rights.


We inform about the situation of disadvantaged children around the world and seek the cooperation with the media – through conversation, information booths, school visits, exhibitions and press work. With creative activities we are also collecting donations – an important contribution as UNICEF is financed through voluntary giving only.

We meet on a regular basis in order to plan our activities. Everyone decides for him-/herself how much time and energy he/she wants to dedicate, and how so specifically – be it through donation activities, working with schools or selling greeting cards.

You will be integrated into the work of UNICEF and you can gain knowledge for your tasks during workshops.


By means of Doodle surveys and through our Facebook group we are able to manage many issues fast and efficiently, which we then discuss in our meetings more intensively.

To enhance the exchange among the volunteers all over Germany, we also have an intranet platform. That way, we are able to make a big difference together – e.g. allowing for more children to go to school, containing diseases, and create an awareness that children are personalities with proper rights.

On the following pages and links you will find more information on our campus group, but first of all: You are cordially welcome!

We are looking forward to meeting you!

Translation by Lara-Mareike Jung