In addition to the winning photo series, the independent jury also awarded ten honorable mentions. The stories show children from many different countries all over the world.


Honorable Mentions 2009

A.K. Kimoto (Japan)

Afghanistan: Opium for the children

7-year-old Qurban was born an opium addict. The drug numbs the feelings of cold and hunger which are particularly strong during the long and cold local winter.

Anna Jokisch (Germany)

Germany: Rebel yell

In Ingolstadt, Anna Jockisch documented a part of the life of a 17-year-old girl who attends vocational school. The girl prefers to succumb to daydreams instead of studying.

Christian Als (Denmark)

Palestine: Childhood in ruins

The images of war are also burned into Abdel’s brain. On the first day of school, one week after the ceasefire, psychologists take care of him and the other children.

Daniel Berehulak (Australia)

Pakistan: Home is somewhere else

Australian photographer Daniel Berehulak shows the everyday life of women, men and families in the refugee camps. He has documented the conflict in Pakistan for two years.

Eman Mohammed (Palestine)

Palestine: Playing despite war

The war has left many of Gaza’s inhabitants without homes. Photographer Eman Mohammed has documented the war in her home country.

Irina Popova (Russia)

Russia: Endangered childhood

When mom and dad are under the influence of drugs, nobody looks after Anfisa. She leans out of the window of a shabby flat in St. Petersburg, Russia. Cigarettes are her only toys.

Jacob Aue Sobol (Denmark)

Thailand: The serious side of life

Their home is an abandoned train track that runs through a Bangkok slum. Since their parents don’t earn enough to feed their families, the children of Sukhumvit also have to work.

Mads Nissen (Denmark)

Niger: Forced to marry

75% of all girls in the country of Niger are married before the age of 18. Tradition in many places forbids married women to leave the house.

Thomas Lekfeldt (Denmark)

Denmark: The enemy within

Vibe has a brain tumor, one of the most common types of cancer in children. In Denmark, about 40 children are diagnosed with a brain tumor every year.

Todd Krainin (USA)

USA: War education

They “play” emergency: equipped with plastic bullets and bulletproof vests, boys, between 13 and 21 years old, are going to search a building in Imperial, California.