UNICEF-Photo of the Year

UNICEF Photo of the Year 2000

Each year, UNICEF Germany grants the “UNICEF Photo of the Year Award” to photos and photo series that best depict the personality and living conditions of children worldwide in an outstanding manner. Here are the winners 2000.

Matias Costa

Contry of the lost children

Das Land der verlorenen Kinder. ©Mathias Costas/Panos Pictures
© Mathias Costas/Panos Pictures

The portrait of a street child in the Rwandan capital city of Kigali as a metaphor for the continuous violence and war in Africa. The photographer Matias Costa (Spain) received the First Prize which is awarded for the first time by UNICEF Germany.

The photo makes the open wounds in the body and the soul of the boy visible", justifies the jury.

2. Preis für Geert van Keesteren, "Aids Waisen in Sambia"

2. Prize Photo of the Year 2000: "Aids in Sambia"
© Geert van Keesteren, Netherlands

Five AIDS orphans nestle onto their aunt, who cares for the children since the death of their parents. The photographer Geert van Keesteren of the Netherlands, was awarded the Second Prize for his empathetic picture from the Zambian city of Livingstone.

UNICEF points out that on the upcoming event of the World AIDS Day on 01 December 2004, 13 million children will have lost their father, mother, or both parents through the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome.

3. Preis für Prakash Singh, "Der Regen fällt nur auf mich"

3. Prize Photo of the Year 2000: The rain falls only on me
© Prakash Singh, India

A street child cowers for protection on a traffic island in the Indian capital of New Delhi. The Indian photographer Prakash Singh, won the Third Prize of the international competitionfor the hauntingly vivid portrait.

According to world-wide estimates of UNICEF, between 100 and 200 million children live on the streets.

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