Within these walls, Spanish photographer Fernando Moleres learned of a non-existing jurisdiction and saw a deeply inhumane form of imprisonment: Central Prison, usually known as Pademba Road Prison, in Sierra Leone’s capital Freetown. Although the prison is only built for 300 prisoners, it has more than 1,100 prisoners at present, many of whom are underage.

Teenagers like 16-year-old Lebbise*, sentenced without trial to three years in prison because he allegedly stole 100,000 Leones (25 Euros). 17-year-old Hilmani*, sentenced without trial because he allegedly stole his uncle’s scooter. 17-year-old Manyu*, sentenced without trial to three years in prison because he allegedly stole two sheep. He died in prison in spring 2010.

Countless cases of unspeakable misery – that’s the life of those who are imprisoned here.

There are no beds, mattresses or sanitary facilities. No electricity and no water. Hardly any food. Their relatives often don’t know anything about the fate of the prisoners. Fernando Moleres took his pictures so that those who have been sentenced without trial would not be forgotten.

* name changed

Curriculum Vitae: Fernando Moleres

UNICEF Foto des Jahres: Fernando Moleres

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Born in Bilbao, Spain 1963.

I finished my university studies and during years i worked as nurse in my home village.

In 1992 I started a personal project “ Children at work” in which i have been working severals years in about 30 countries.

Prizes and Grants

  • Mother Jones Grant , 1994. Los Angeles, USA.
  • International Prize “Juan Carlos King of Spain”, 1995.Spain
  • Erna and Victor Hasselblad Foundation Grant , 1996. Sweden.
  • Finalist Eugene Smith Prize, 1997. New York, USA.
  • World Press Photo 1998, “ Children at work” daily life series.
  • W. Eugene Smith Prize ( 2ª prize) 1999. New York.
  • World Press Photo 2002 , Burning Man in Art , series.
  • Revela International Award 2009, Spain.
  • Honorable Mention Philantropy award. 2010
  • Honorable mention Gijon international Prize


  • Geneva - Internacional Labour Organización (I.L.O), 1998. Children at Work - During The Global March against Child labour .
  • Milán GRAZIA NERI. 03-12 – 99 a 15-01-2000 Children at Work
  • PHOTOESPAÑA 2000. Children at Work
  • VISA POUR L´IMAGE 2000, Perpignan, . Children at Work 
  • Expo Photo Month Krakow Polond June 2008 Children at work
  • Visa pour l´image. Screening 2010 Juvenile in african prisons


  • “ INFANCIA ROBADA “ published by LUNWERG (Spanish)
  • "ENFANCE VOLËE" published by ACTE SUD (French)
  • “Il GIOCO RUBATO” published by PELITI (Italian)
  • "GESTOHLENE KINDHEIT" published by BRAUS (German)
  • "STOLEN CHILHOOD" published by O.I.T (English)
  • "LET THE CHILDREN PLAY“ published by Niggli Laureus Foundation
  • "Images de la foi", "Uomini di Dio", “Lives of Devotion” published by Rizzoli International


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