In addition to the winning photo series, the independent jury also awarded six honorable mentions. The stories show children from many different countries all over the world.


Honorable Mentions 2011

Anastasia Taylor-Lind (UK)

Russia: Young beauties for the world’s catwalks

They are still children and they dream of becoming top models. Anastasia Taylor-Lind was often struck by sadness when she visited modeling schools.

Jan Grarup (Denmark)

Somalia: The situation seems hopeless

Somalia is at the epicenter of the crisis: 25 percent of the population are acutely threatened and have fled their homes, in particular in the southern parts of the country.

Jürgen Escher (Germany)

North Korea: The dictatorship of scarcity

In Pyongyang, old people desperately search fallow grounds for edible herbs. North Korea’s communist elite has mercilessly watched for decades as the people are stripped of their rights.

Luca Tommasini (Italy)

Pakistan: Stranded after the flood

The pictures by Italian photographer Luca Tommasini don’t show any images of raging rivers bursting their banks. They only show the survivors of a never ending catastrophe in the Sindh region.

Mugur Vărzariu (Romania)

Romania: Target Roma

The photos Mugur Vărzariu took of the appalling conditions in which the Roma in Romania have to live, reflect the enormous amount of commitment and empathy of his work.

Sergey Kozmin (Russia)

Russia: Standing to attention in school

What a name: The Moscow Boarding School for National Pupils! It stands for an unusual type of school for girls in Russia’s capital.