In addition to the winning photo series, the independent jury also awarded eight honorable mentions. The stories show children from many different countries all over the world.


Honorable Mentions 2012

Alex Masi (Italy)

India: Yesterday's disaster is today's tragedy

As an eye witness, Alex Masi feels responsible to draw awareness to the still unsolved problem of toxic waste disposal.

Andrea Diefenbach (Germany)

Republic of Moldova: Children left at home

Nearly one in three children in Moldova is living without its father or mother. Some of those left behind will not see their parents for whole months or even years.

Åsa Sjöström (Sweden)

Ghana: Children of witches

Åsa Sjöström portraits the life of a group of women who were stigmatized as witches. They had to flee because they were frequently defamed, beaten and threatened with death.

Christian Werner (Germany)

Turkey: Circumcision rite

Every year Turkish boys have their foreskin removed to officially become a member of their religious community. “Sünnet” is the Turkish word for this surgical procedure.

Daniel Berehulak (Australia)

India: The horrors of poverty

Photographer Daniel Berehulak, gives an idea of the appalling conditions of child workers forced to work in coal mines.

Diana Markosian (Russia)

Chechnya: Back to religion

The current regime of President Ramzan Kadyrov in Chechnya is pursuing a religious agenda based on Islamic traditions.

Hossein Fatemi (Iran)

Somalia: Never ending war, hunger an death

Hossein Fatemi shows how war affects children in Somalia. He documents their daily struggle for survival between gun violence and hunger.

Michelle Sank (UK)

Great Britain: My body belongs to me

Michelle Sank does not judge the young people who expose their vision of a perfect body in front of her camera. She remains a neutral observer of this desire for change.