“People see my photos and feel helpless because they depict such a horrible situation”, says Sara Naomi Lewkowicz. The images of the American photographer force the viewer to realize that domestic violence always affects the children, too.

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After her photos were published in several American magazines, Lewkowicz has received a large amount of feedback – from victims of domestic violence and from people who witnessed such violence as a child. “Many people told me: by telling Maggie’s story, you also told mine”, says Lewkowicz.

Maggie’s children, Memphis and Kayden, two and four years old at the time, had to watch in fear and horror as their mother was threatened and beaten by her new partner. After that, Maggie took her children and decided to move back in with her husband. In doing so, she hopes to save her children further trauma.

Curriculum Vitae: Sara Lewkowicz (for Time Magazine)

UNICEF-Photo of the Year Sara Lewkowicz. © Melissa Golden

Sara Lewkowicz is a native New Yorker pursuing a master's degree in visual communication from Ohio University in Athens. She received her bachelor's degree in journalism from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Her work has been published in Time Magazine, Stern, L’Espresso, Das Magazin, Internatzionale, the Baltimore Sun, and numerous other magazines and newspapers. She has won several grants and awards, including the 2013 Alexia Student Grant and the 2013 Ville de Perpignan Remi Ochlik Award, and she has been named the 2013 College Photographer of the Year by POYi.


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