In addition to the winning photo series, the independent jury also awarded ten honorable mentions. The stories show children from many different countries all over the world.


Honorable Mentions 2018

Veronique de Viguerie (France)

Yemen: Between life and death

Photographer Veronique de Viguerie states that she had never seen so many violations of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child as she did in Yemen.

Jesco Denzel (Germany)

Nigeria: On unsteady ground

Fishing villages built on poles have grown along Lagos, Nigeria. The German photographer Jesco Denzel captured the everyday life of its inhabitants.

Shayan Hajinajaf (Iran)

Iran: Their only monuments are those in graveyards

With his photos of gravestones, Iranian photographer Shayan Hajinajaf reminds us of what can be said about children in wars everywhere.

Karolina Jonderko (Poland)

Poland: Looking for solace in vinyl babies

They look like babies and they are even impregnated with the scent of babies. Karolina Jonderko has tried to find out why grown-up women would want to have an artificial baby.

Camilo Leon-Quijano (Colombia)

France: Fighting their way out of misery

At Chantereine High School, a project has provided disadvantaged girls. Photographer Camilo Leon-Quijano accompanied their rise.

Ana Palacios (Spain)

Benin: Freed from slavery

Spanish photographer Ana Palacios called her photo series about rescue centers for slave children “The Back Door”. At the center, children who have managed to flee are taken care of.

Hashem Shakeri (Iran)

Iran: When the water will be all gone

75 percent of Iran is drying up. There is no future here for the children. Iranian photographer Hashem Shakeri captured the pending apocalypse in elegiac images.

Brian Sokol (USA)

Bangladesh / Myanmar: Traumatic motherhood

They were brutally raped by soldiers in Myanmar. Photographer Brian Sokol photographed some of the expectant mothers and listened to their stories.

Marlena Waldthausen (Germany)

Syria / Austria: Finally - no longer teased

The wrinkled person in this picture, who takes his bike for a bath in Lake Constance, is nine years old. Marlena Waldthausen accompanied him.

Tariq Zaidi (United Kingdom)

Haiti: Preserving dignity in the face of hardship

With his pictures taken in a slum of Port-au-Prince, photographer Tariq Zaidi wants to show the persevering vigor of people living there.