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International Team

UNICEF is a leading humanitarian and development agency which has spent more than 70 years working globally for the rights of every child and for improvement in the lives of children and their families.

One of the crucial aims of the International Team UNICEF Berlin is to foster a dialogue on children’s rights with international Berlin residents, other UNICEF volunteers as well as with local decision makers and institutions. We act as a support for the public relations and political work of UNICEF Germany which also works to increase an awareness of children’s rights in our society. One of the ways we do this is to regularly organise events such as film and discussion nights on child-related issues in Berlin. Furthermore, we offer programmes for international and exchange students per semester that also include workshops and exhibition visits.

In the past 3 years, the main focus of the international team was on working with Kindergartens children, aiming to raise awareness on different topics such as clean drinking water; equality, children’s rights, and racism; emotional awareness; climate change; and cultural diversity, alongside participating in various UNICEF campaigns.

It is important to mention that the international team has also remained active during the Pandemic, overcoming the restrictions by conducting online workshops and activities with Kindergartens.

We also support other UNICEF Berlin teams in their events; see for example, the Aktionsteam Events und Sponsoren as well as the Aktionsteam für Kinderrechte.

Interested? Then join our team, get involved with our work and get in touch with people from Berlin and all around the world who campaign for children’s rights! We hold regular meetings at our local office near S+U Friedrichstraße where we focus on a specific topic and plan future activities and events. All our team communication and events are in English.

Contact: Vibhindika and Rajaa

Diversity in Action! © UNICEF Berlin

Bild 1 von 4 | Diversity in action - our International Team at the celebration of UNICEF's 75th birthday after the fashion show they organized.

© UNICEF Berlin
On the eve of a great event in Berlin © UNICEF Berlin

Bild 2 von 4 | A lot of team spirit and great mood are the recipe for a successful event preparation!

© UNICEF Berlin
Hold together - Zoom meeting during the pandemic © UNICEF Berlin

Bild 3 von 4 | Through frequent Zoom meetings, the team was able to continue its commitment to children in need during the Corona pandemic.

© UNICEF Berlin
Our team members at a workshop in a kindergarten © UNICEF Berlin

Bild 4 von 4 | The regular activities of our members include workshops in kindergartens on various topics.

© UNICEF Berlin