International Cultural Fashion Show 2020 © ICD/UNICEF Berlin
© ICD/UNICEF BerlinInternational Cultural Fashion Show 2020 © ICD/UNICEF Berlin

UNICEF International Cultural Fashion Show: Unity in Diversity

On 29th November students of the Institute of Cultural Diplomacy brought a night full of joy and creativity celebrating different cultures from various parts of the world to benefit UNICEF. Running on the ramp walk wearing their countries’ cultural outfits, the group didn’t just show the variety of fashion expressions of different countries, but also introduced some of their local music and history. Members of the UNICEF Berlin International Team also took part in the night and provided the visitors with information about UNICEF's crucial work for children around the world. Dive into this spectacular night with the following report...

Inside it was a bunt. With many colors, flags, people of all kind. We were all exchanging the cultures, fashion styles, as well as meeting new ones.

After the introduction it started with Ethiopia and their fashion. It was new to me as well as for lot of other people.

Togo was the next one. Really spirited style. The performer danced too.

Afghanistan. An oriental charm. It moves the spirit.

India. Everyone knows their style I suppose. It was nice seeing it again. They had two performances. Both north and south style.

Rwanda. Flowers are their thing.

Sri Lanka. Strong colors.

Morocco. The one that put the mood on even more.

It was time for a short break and a speech from Miss Alexandra Paucescu, one of the organizers of the night’s event as well as co-leader of the International Team of UNICEF Berlin. In her welcoming speech she thanked the initiator of the event - a member of the International Team Berlin - and emphasized the motto of the evening - Unity in Diversity:

“He chose "Unity in Diversity" as a motto that also works for children worldwide. Borders and barriers are made by adults, but children want to overcome borders, are curious and want to connect. At the same time, every child is unique and has the right to live his or her own culture.”

Furthermore, Miss Paucescu reminded the audience of the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child and its 30th birthday on the 20th of November 2019. While we witnessed many successes since the adoption of the Convention 30 years ago – such as the sharp fall of child mortality worldwide and a significant rise of the school enrollment rates, there are still many places in the world where children suffer massive rights’ violations such as malnutrition, child marriage, child soldiers and many others.

“UNICEF helps these children; with vaccinations, therapeutic food, the construction and equipment of schools, essential educational work and also here in Germany we are not satisfied with the current situation and demand that children get more say and equal opportunities. Healthy and educated children who know their rights can claim these rights, connect across borders and receive the attention they deserve.”, said Alexandra Paucescu at the end of her speech.  

UNICEF is committed to a better life for every child. This means ensuring that every child has the same rights to protection, care and participation, without distinction of color, sex, language, religion, national, ethnic or social background. According to our values, under no circumstances a child may be discriminated, excluded or even abused on the basis of its origin. We welcome all peaceful encounters of cultures that promote tolerance and solidarity across societies and by doing so benefit children around the world.

During the break there was also a live music performance, finger food, some wine and juice. Nice touch. After the break the visitors welcomed a new wave of unique fashion styles…

South Africa. They got the most cheers. You could feel the Lion King vibe.

Bangladesh. They love the color of gold.

Gambia. Just give them a rhythm and they are dancing insanely.

Zambia. Skirts and more skirts.

Nigeria. I can still feel the drums beating. Lion is their spirit. They were shouting like one as well.

Romania. Inspiring indeed. Eastern Europe as I know it.

Ghana. Disco style.

France. What’s better than their croissant? Their fashion.

And that was the end of a great night!

Tarik El Gaher

Students of ICD and members of the UNICEF International Team Berlin © UNICEF-AG Berlin

"Unity in Diversity": Through creativity, joyfulness and the unique nature of every culture students of ICD and members of the INT Team Berlin delivered an unforgettable night. Thank you all for the great time!

© UNICEF-AG Berlin