Here they can be children – despite the war: in the early summer of 2009, the four boys and the girl play in a river near the refugee camp of Yar Hussein, about 100 km west of the Pakistani capital Islamabad. The camp has become a home for them – as well as for 10,000 other refugees. Their actual home lies in Pakistan's north-western Swat Valley, but there Pakistani forces are battling the Taliban.

Every day, hundreds of new refugees arrive at the already overcrowded camp. New camps are set up everywhere in the region. The conflict in Pakistan has so far produced about 2.5 million refugees.

Living in India, Australian photographer Daniel Berehulak shows the everyday life of women, men and families in the refugee camps. He has documented the conflict in Pakistan for two years.

Curriculum Vitae: Daniel Berehulak

UNICEF Foto des Jahres: Daniel Berehulak

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Daniel Berehulak is a New Delhi, India based photographer specializing in the Middle East and Southeast Asia.
A native of Sydney, Australia, Daniel studied History at the University of New South Wales. He joined Getty Images in 2002 in Sydney and then relocated to London as a staff news photographer in 2005.

Since then he has covered the war in Iraq, the after effects of Chernobyl and worked extensively in Pakistan, from the return of Benazir Bhutto to the effects of the continuing conflict between the Pakistani army and Taliban. This year Daniel covered both the Indian and Afghan elections, Indonesian Earthquake, and various stories throughout India.



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