Large parts of Somalia are still controlled by local clans, warlords, radical Islamists or pirates.

Iranian photographer Hossein Fatemi shows how war affects children in Somalia. His photos document their daily struggle for survival between gun violence and hunger. They show their life in refugee camps without any chance for a better future – a chance every child has a right to have.

It is a dangerous task to provide assistance under such conditions. Constant violence and lack of security make it even more difficult to provide the population with food, water and medical care. UNICEF and its partners supported hundreds of thousands of malnourished girls and boys in food centers all over Somalia and provided about 1.7 million people with access to clean water.

Curriculum Vitae: Hossein Fatemi

Portrait Hossein Fatemi

Hossein Fatemi, b.1980 in Iran, started his career as a photographer in 1997. He has worked in Lebanon, Pakistan, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Georgia, Russia, India, Somalia, Kenya and Afghanistan. His work has been published in numerous national and international publications including The Times, Newsweek, Paris Match, The New York Times, The Guardian and The Washington Post.

Hossein Fatemi who is a member of Panos Pictures agency has won numerous awards during his career. He is currently based in Tehran, Iran.


2005: Photographer of the Year, Iran
2006: Photographer of the Year, Iran
2007: Bronze medal from China international photojournalism contest 2009: Photographer of the Year, Iran
2009: Bronze medal from China international photojournalism contest
2010: Finalist New York Photo Awards
2011: Gold medal from China international photojournalism contest
2012: Grand prize of international world awakening awards for a story on the war in Afghanistan.
2012: First prize at the Fourth Fadjr International Festival of Visual Arts for his work on the American Army in Afghanistan.
2012: Honourable Mention at Unicef Picture of the Year Award


2004: Tehran exhibition "Bam After the Earthquake"
2006: Tehran exhibition "Lebanon after the War"
2007: Tehran first photo Expo
2008: Middle East in the eye of six Iranian photographer and two foreign photographers in Tehran
2011: Hossein Fatemi’s work entitled “Sepid Shoor” at No 6 Gallery
2011: Hossein Fatemi’s work on Afghanistan entitled “Contemporary Afghanistan: another look” in Moscow
2012: Metro exhibition "Azarbaijan After the Earthquake"
2012: Group exhibition of 30 Iranian artists entitled "Iran" in Romania
2012: Street Photography exhibition with a focus on SAARC countries in India
2013: long-term project Afghanistan – Dark Future, in Chobi Mela VII, in Dhaka, Bangladesh


2011: Hossein Fatemi’s work entitled “Sepid Shoor”


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